September President’s Message

Greetings to all my fellow Lovers of Letters!!

Here we are at the start of another year, and the guild has prepared plenty of activities for you to participate in! It’s going to be a fun year! I want to thank all the board members for their work, support and encouragement — because of them we have the best guild ever!   

I hope that many of you received some beautiful envelopes this summer in the Summer Envelope Exchange — I know I was totally in awe of what I received and the variety of methods used on the envelopes (and in the cards inside)!  If you have never participated in the exchange you should definitely sign up next May — beautiful snail mail is a such a joy to receive, and fun to create too!  For those who did participate, please remember to bring your envelopes to the September meeting to display, either on poster board or as a tabletop display. And if you can, put a small tag on each one with who sent it, so that we can easily identify who did the envelope.

Several of the regional groups have met for the first time this summer. I hope that they will share with you at the meeting what they did and when they are meeting again. We have more groups that will be starting up this year, so if you are interested in a group and haven’t been contacted yet, please email me at so that we can get you in touch with the nearest group.

Ann Cobb has set up another full year of classes — check them out in this newsletter, and be ready to sign up right away as they fill quickly. I want to thank Ann for all the hard work she puts in to get these classes set up — it’s no small feat!!

Valerie Cypress has also confirmed that we will be doing an exhibit at Centennial Art Center in Feb and March of 2019, so think about what pieces you have completed this year, or can complete in time for the exhibit. She will be sharing more details about that in the coming months — it’s not that far away!

We will be doing “Hands On Creativity” again this October 27 and 28 at Plaza. There will be a sign-up sheet at the September meeting. I will send out emails with any new outreach opportunities that arise during the year, and if you know of any events where we can promote calligraphy please let me or one of the board members know.

I will miss seeing you in September, as Ken and I will be out of town. Sheryl Bracey will take good care of you in my place — and, she has a great program scheduled that I hate to miss!

Lynn Noga, President