Lettering Project 2018

Our Lettering Project for 2018 will again feature a different project for each month. These projects will help us to utilize the training that we have received and the skills that we have built. They will also provide us with some finished pieces for future exhibits. No size limitations this year.

January: Create a piece in broad-edge or pointed pen using white or ivory ink on dark background (black, navy, burgundy, etc.)

February: Create a piece using one broad-edge hand (Foundational, Italic, etc.) in three different sizes.

January and February projects will be shown at the March Guild meeting.

March: Create a piece using walnut ink on cream-color paper in broad-edge or pointed pen.

April: Create a piece using at least three sizes of pointed pen lettering in one hand (Spencerian, Copperplate, etc.)

March and April projects will be shown at the May Guild meeting.

May: Create a piece using dark ink on white or cream paper (broad-edge or pointed pen).

June, July, and August: our projects will the normal Envelope Exchange, which will be shown at the September Guild meeting.

September: Create a piece using gold or silver (or other metallic) ink on dark paper in pointed pen.

October: Create a piece in either broad-edge or pointed pen using two different colors of ink or one color and one gold or silver.

May, September, and October projects will be shown at the November Guild meeting.

November: Create a piece using flourishing or decoration around a single word or short phrase in broad-edge pen.

No December project as we will be preparing Christmas cards and other holiday decorations.

November projects will be shown at the January Guild meeting.

Use #nashvillecalligraphersguild to share your progress on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. We can’t wait to see what you do!