Lettering Project 2017

Our Lettering Project for 2017 will be a bit different than the two previous years. This year we will have a different project for each month. These projects will help us to utilize the training that we have received and the skills that we have built. They will also provide us with some finished pieces for future exhibits. The projects for 2017 are used with the permission of the Warmland Calligraphers Guild of British Columbia, and adapted from projects that they have completed in the past.

January: Create a small piece with lettering not exceeding 4" x 6". Decorative or graphic elements can exceed the 4" x 6" dimensions if you like, but lettering must not.

February: Do a piece on black or dark paper using colored inks, gouaches, or other color media. No size limit.

January and February projects will be shown at the March Guild meeting.

March: Create one single letter presented as a piece. Think Heather Held’s Enchanted Letters or other decorated letter classes that you have taken. No size limit, but only one letter.

April: Create a piece using at least three sizes of broad-edge lettering. This can be all one hand or multiple hands. No size limit.

March and April projects will be shown at the May Guild meeting.

May: Do a monochromatic piece using shades of one color, either on white/light background paper or on black/dark paper. No size limit.

June, July, and August: our projects will the normal Envelope Exchange, which will be shown at the September Guild meeting.

September: Create a piece using only pointed pen in Copperplate, Spencerian, or a pointed pen variation. No size limit.

October: Create an alphabet – miniscules, majiscules, or both. Use the media of your choice and the hand of your choice. No size limit.

May, September, and October projects will be shown at the November Guild meeting.

November: Create a piece showing contrast. Limit yourself to ONE tool and try to get the most out of that single tool. No size limit.

No December project as we will be preparing Christmas cards and other holiday decorations.

November projects will be shown at the January Guild meeting.