Letter from the President

Spring Salutations Scribes!

I trust the warmer weather is agreeing with everyone — perhaps a few sneezes, but its been so nice!

It was so nice to see everyone at the opening of our Centennial Art Center exhibit! Kudos to Valerie for all her hard work as Exhibit Chair and to all members who submitted artwork. Didi at the CAC did a marvelous job of displaying all the pieces. I urge you to grab a guest and go see it if you haven’t already as it runs until March 23rd. It is such a honor to be part of the calendar at the CAC.

Wishing all who attend Scribehaven a fun and magical time of lettering! Thanks to Vicki Brandt for once again spearheading this retreat for us and for all the members who are sharing their talent and expertise.

Lastly, please read your newsletter carefully to make note of all our exciting events and deadlines.

See you at the Plaza!

Lisa Webb, President