January President’s Message

Happy New Year!!!

I hope that your holiday season was filled with friends and family, and that you were able to enjoy some of the many activities available. I did manage to get out and see some of the beautiful decorations — the lights are my favorite! And I must say a special thanks to Dana Perez for hosting our holiday party this year at her spectacular home. I know several of us had porch envy, and totally enjoyed sitting outside on a warm December day!! It was so good to see so many of you come out for a fun event!

As we head into 2018, we have plenty of activities for you to get inspired, learn something new, and just enjoy the comradery of fellow scribes! Please see the list of classes and be sure to sign up as soon as possible as I know they will fill up!

We will be starting regional groups this year — a chance to get together in a small group to share ideas, tips, small projects, and also to just get to know each other. I hope to have more info at the January meeting, so stay tuned.

We will also be focusing on outreach opportunities this year, so if you know of an event or place that would be a good place to share our love of calligraphy, please email me. Ann Cobb and I did a demo at Paper & Ink Arts last month, and had several people interested in coming to check out the guild. We are setting up guidelines for outreach, and will be sharing those at an upcoming meeting.

Scribehaven is coming up in February. This is the 10th year of the retreat, and Vicki Brandt has planned a special event for us. I look forward to it every year, and I know this year will be the best yet!

I hope you can come to the meeting in January — we have lots to share!

Happy Lettering!!

Lynn Noga, President


September President’s Message

We’re starting a new Guild year, and this is my first letter as President. I am so excited for this coming year! I served on the board as an At Large Member not long after I moved here in 2003, but I have not been on the board since then. I have a lot to learn, so bear with me! The wonderful thing is I have a great team to help bring me up to speed!! I want to thank each board member for their dedication to the Guild. They are the reason this Guild is doing so well!

Since we have some new board members, and this is my first time as President, my vision for this year is a fresh start for the Guild. The new board met last month, and we’ve got a lot of new ideas and plans for you! We’ve started by strengthening our foundation with updated Guidelines and By-laws, which will be presented at the September meeting. One of my desires is to help the Guild become more visible in the community. I want to encourage each one of you to find a way to support the mission of the Guild, either by volunteering a little time on one of the committees, or to sign up for one of the outreach opportunities that will be mentioned throughout the coming year.

The newsletter lists all the committees that we currently have. Some of the people listed as committee chairs have been doing them for some time now, and many do not have anyone to assist them. If you see something that you would like to learn more about (ie: how it works), I would love to have some of our newer members get involved — it’s an easy way to find out more about how the Guild works. You can contact me with any questions or to get connected with a committee. Most of these are not time-consuming!!

The first outreach opportunity will be the Hands-On-Creativity event held at Plaza Arts on October 28th and 29th from 11–4 each day. We have a table each year where we share our love of lettering by writing people’s names for them. You can sign up for an hour, or come for the day. It’s a great way to introduce people to the world of calligraphy!

We also have an exhibit coming up in October at the Green Hills Library. Hopefully you have been working on the Lettering Project for 2017, so those pieces can be used. More info and deadlines are listed elsewhere in this newsletter.

There are several great workshops coming up in September and October, and more planned for the spring, so stay tuned! See the info in the newsletter for the current workshops, both of which still have openings. I encourage you to sign up — it’s a great place to learn, and I always get great tips and ideas from these classes!

To all of our new members, I want to extend a warm welcome! Please feel free to contact me or any board member with questions. I hope you will find that the Guild community exceeds your expectations!

See you in September!

Lynn Noga

P.S. Don’t forget to bring your Summer Envelope Exchange envelopes in some kind of display to the September meeting!

Letter from the President

Greetings NCG Scribes!

It has truly been an honor to serve as your President this year! We have had a great time filled with workshops, an anniversary, Scribehaven and fabulous meetings. We have welcomed new members and refined the way we approach our group.

The 2016–2017 Board has done a fabulous job and I must thank each and every one of you for making my job easier and fun! Every time I reached out to ask something of any Board member I was met with a positive attitude and and a love of lettering and this group. Special thanks goes to our Election committee in this past month — not an easy job I’m sure!

Please make plans to join us for the May meeting — we have elections coming up, a fabulous Program and plans for the following year. Also, don’t forget your Lettering projects to display!

Lastly, please read your newsletter carefully to make note of all our exciting events and deadlines. 

I humbly thank all of you again for this year and I look forward to being an active part of this group in the future! 

See you at the Plaza!

Lisa Webb, President

Letter from the President

Spring Salutations Scribes!

I trust the warmer weather is agreeing with everyone — perhaps a few sneezes, but its been so nice!

It was so nice to see everyone at the opening of our Centennial Art Center exhibit! Kudos to Valerie for all her hard work as Exhibit Chair and to all members who submitted artwork. Didi at the CAC did a marvelous job of displaying all the pieces. I urge you to grab a guest and go see it if you haven’t already as it runs until March 23rd. It is such a honor to be part of the calendar at the CAC.

Wishing all who attend Scribehaven a fun and magical time of lettering! Thanks to Vicki Brandt for once again spearheading this retreat for us and for all the members who are sharing their talent and expertise.

Lastly, please read your newsletter carefully to make note of all our exciting events and deadlines.

See you at the Plaza!

Lisa Webb, President

Lettering Project 2017

Our Lettering Project for 2017 will be a bit different than the two previous years. This year we will have a different project for each month. These projects will help us to utilize the training that we have received and the skills that we have built. They will also provide us with some finished pieces for future exhibits. The projects for 2017 are used with the permission of the Warmland Calligraphers Guild of British Columbia, and adapted from projects that they have completed in the past.

January: Create a small piece with lettering not exceeding 4" x 6". Decorative or graphic elements can exceed the 4" x 6" dimensions if you like, but lettering must not.

February: Do a piece on black or dark paper using colored inks, gouaches, or other color media. No size limit.

January and February projects will be shown at the March Guild meeting.

March: Create one single letter presented as a piece. Think Heather Held’s Enchanted Letters or other decorated letter classes that you have taken. No size limit, but only one letter.

April: Create a piece using at least three sizes of broad-edge lettering. This can be all one hand or multiple hands. No size limit.

March and April projects will be shown at the May Guild meeting.

May: Do a monochromatic piece using shades of one color, either on white/light background paper or on black/dark paper. No size limit.

June, July, and August: our projects will the normal Envelope Exchange, which will be shown at the September Guild meeting.

September: Create a piece using only pointed pen in Copperplate, Spencerian, or a pointed pen variation. No size limit.

October: Create an alphabet – miniscules, majiscules, or both. Use the media of your choice and the hand of your choice. No size limit.

May, September, and October projects will be shown at the November Guild meeting.

November: Create a piece showing contrast. Limit yourself to ONE tool and try to get the most out of that single tool. No size limit.

No December project as we will be preparing Christmas cards and other holiday decorations.

November projects will be shown at the January Guild meeting.

Letter from the President

Cheers to all in the new year!

I was so glad to see those of you who joined us at our Guild Christmas party! Thanks to Lynn and Ken for being such gracious hosts and opening up their lovely home.

Looking forward to our January meeting — we have a lot to discuss in a short period of time.

Please remember to bring your Lettering Projects to display at the meeting. We will be discussing our upcoming CAC Exhibit and Scribehaven, among other events.

Speaking of our CAC Exhibit — it is right around the corner — February 3rd! If you have pieces to display (and everyone is URGED TO CONTRIBUTE!) please bring them to our January meeting. You will find exhibit guidelines and forms within the newsletter. It is such a honor to have these art shows and venues available to us — please help us fill the space!

Lastly, please read your newsletter carefully to make note of all upcoming events and deadlines.

See you at the Plaza!

Lisa Webb, President

Letter from the President

Greetings Fellow Scribes!

I hope everyone is enjoying the colors of autumn!

I am looking forward to our November meeting and returning back to the Plaza, our regular meeting place.

We will be discussing some exciting events coming up for our Guild — exhibits, workshops and Scribehaven, our winter retreat at Kentucky Lake.

Thanks to all who attended the 35th Anniversary in September. We had a lovely time and took a lot of pictures! Thanks to Beth for the Anniversary collage on the front cover of our newsletter! We will be showing highlights of our Anniversary as well as a historical slideshow for our Program this month. Special thanks to Carol Ann Baily for her time in compiling the pictures!

Those of us who attended the St. John’s Bible event at Carson Newman University were truly blessed to meet Donald Jackson and share in the ongoing gift of the the St. John’s Bible. The first handwritten Bible in 500 years is truly a creation in a class all its own. I hope you will join me in welcoming some guests from East Tennessee this November meeting as well!

Lastly, please read your newsletter carefully to make note of all upcoming events and deadlines.

See you at the Plaza!

Lisa Webb, President


Once again, our heartfelt thanks to Vicki Brandt for her winning NEW LOGO design! Also, thanks to all who submitted designs. They were all incredible and your time and artistry is appreciated.

Greetings Fellow Scribes!

I hope everyone has had a fabulous summer!

I am so excited about our new LOGO on the front cover! The chosen design (as well as the final three) were submitted by none other than our UberCalligrapher Vicki Brandt! Thanks Vicki for sharing your artistic talent and creative vision with our Guild. The logo will surely serve the Guild well for the coming years.

Once again, our Thirty-Fifth Anniversary Celebration will be in the form of a Champagne Brunch! It will take place on our September meeting day of September 10th — immediately following our meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: the meeting place will be at LION’s HEAD CONDO’s Clubhouse — not at PLAZA. Address and particulars are in the newsletter. Please make plans to come — we are so looking forward to celebrating our history as a group together! I hope you have all found the E-vite online and have had a moment to RSVP. If you have not received your E-vite, please contact me immediately if you plan to attend. This will be a catered event and I think it is going to be lovely!

If you are part of the Summer Envelope exchange, please don’t forget to bring your beautifully lettered envelopes to display at the September meeting.

Lastly, those who have forgotten to pay dues will receive one more newsletter (September’s). Please read your newsletter carefully to make note of all upcoming events, workshops and deadlines. I am looking forward to sharing a wonderful year together.

See you in September!

Lisa Webb, President